Who We Are


We live in a great city with a lot of great churches so we want to give you a taste of our church and tell you about the kind of people who might feel at home with us.

First, we know life is messy, but we also know there’s hope.  We want people to “come as they are” to our meetings and we aren’t just talking about our dress code. We don’t want people to feel like they have to clean up their act to feel at home with us and we certainly don’t want to add to the load they are already carrying. Jesus says he came to lighten our burdens and give rest to our souls.We want people to have that experience. Just about all of us here have been in the ditch a time or two and we are not ashamed that we needed the grace of Jesus and the help of our neighbors just to get through.

Second, we really enjoy our music with a little country mixed in. We sing some of the old hymns and as well as some modern songs, and we think you will really enjoy how these songs sound when we add a steel guitar, mandolin or fiddle with some great country voices. It brings our time of worship to life.

Third, we preach from the Bible and we believe its God’s word given to us – maybe not an instruction manual on how to make our lives on earth perfect, but a place we can learn about the perfect one, Jesus, who gave so much for us and wants us to know him in a real personal way.

It is our hope that everyone that finds their way to our church also finds the love of Jesus demonstrated in everything we do.