Independence Day

Amid a weekend of celebrations of American Independence, staff intern Michael Edgar reminded us to celebrate our true freedom, found in Christ. Here are three big reasons to celebrate!

Celebrate completed freedom from sin's penalty

Christ's death pays the penalty for our sin; His resurrection crushes death and removes that penalty. Therefore, in Christ, our legal standing before God changes; we are pardoned from the penalty of sin and our "record" is expunged. We move from death into life, and we are adopted into God's family.

Celebrate continued freedom from sin's power

Because we live in a world that still contains sin, we may continue to sin even after giving our lives to Christ, but sin no longer has power over us. Where we once were slaves to sin, we are now able to choose righteous living as servants of Christ. Christ's death not only pays sin's penalty, it allows us to die and live with Him and thus participate in the power over sin and death that His resurrection displays. 

Celebrate the coming freedom from sin's presence

When Christ returns, there will be no more sin, death, tears, pain, or evil. While today we are free in part, on that day we will be totally free, because there will be no sin at all.

Happy Independence Day; let us put all our hope for true and lasting freedom in Christ.

Questions to Consider:

  • Am I living with the guilt of past sins that Christ has already paid for? How can I trust God's grace and live free from that guilt?
  • Am I continuing to live as though I were a slave to sin? In what areas of my life do I need to trust that I can live a righteous life through Christ?
  • Have I put my hope in Christ's coming kingdom or in the kingdoms of this earth? 

We at Highland hope you had a great holiday weekend. Please join us next week as we begin a new series on the book of 1 John. If you missed this week, you can listen to the sermon here