Activating Your Faith

This week, special guest speaker, Mike Tirone, shared a message on how to move our faith from dreaming to doing in order to fulfill our call to mission. Using the story of Joshua leading the Israelites across the Jordan, Mike presented four steps for activating our faith:

1. Leave your comfort zone

The first step for the Israelites was to leave their tents. It may seem simple, but for us, the first step to fulfilling our mission is to leave our homes and other places of comfort in order to go wherever God calls.

2. Go in before you go out

Before crossing the Jordan, Joshua instructed the people to prepare by consecrating themselves. Similarly, we prepare to do what God calls us to when we pray and seek God first.

3. Trust God when there is no road

Crossing a river is usually impossible. But nothing is impossible with God. When there is no path, we trust God to make one.

4. God moves when we do

The path across the river didn't appear until the priests' feet touched the water's edge. It took stepping out in faith for the way to appear. If we want to see God move, we have to get our feet wet. When we move, so does God.

Questions to Consider:

  • What areas of comfort might I need to leave in order to move forward with what God wants?
  • Have I prepared through prayer so that I'm ready when the time comes to move?
  • Am I avoiding action, waiting for God to move? Should I be taking action instead?

Listen to the whole sermon here, or read more sermon notes here