Sermon Notes: Nehemiah -- Building Together

This week, staff intern Michael Edgar brought his message on Nehemiah 3 and we learned a few things about building together.

The rebuilding process... personal

In Nehemiah, people rebuild starting with their own neighborhoods and their own skills.

...brings God's people together

We see people coming from near and far to help rebuild the wall. God's work draws us together.

...requires delegation and sharing the work load

We don't see one person handling the bulk of the burden. In Nehemiah, the leader delegates and the people divide the tasks.

...requires following a leader

Sometimes if we want to see change happen, we have to work under those whom God has placed in charge of a particular project.

...will bring opposition

From the start, Nehemiah and his workers faced ridicule and opposition. We must prepare for the same.

Some questions to consider:

Where am I building in my local church?

Where am I building outside of my local church?

What has God placed in front of me to work on?

Am I willing to deal with opposition?