Sermon Notes: Nehemiah -- Preparing for Action

This week's sermon focused on Nehemiah Chapter 2, in which Nehemiah makes his request to the King and leaves to begin the rebuilding process. Kyle pointed out plenty of applications for our own lives. Here are a few of them:

After praying, we need to plan

Nehemiah doesn't jump straight into action. He takes time to prepare properly, through prayer (as we saw last week) and through planning. When he is finally in a position to ask the King for help, he knows what to say because of His preparation.

We can pray and we can plan, but at some point, we have to jump.

Nehemiah's decision to ask for the King's help should not be seen as an easy one. In his position as cupbearer, Nehemiah was literally taking his life into his hands to speak as he did to the King. Nehemiah's request was a courageous act of faith.

When we act, we must expect God to respond.

Nehemiah's preparation shows that He believed in God's provision. Similarly, if we believe God has called us to a task, our prayers and preparation should be made in hopeful expectation.

Remember that God works to fulfill His calling.

God puts specific burdens on our hearts for Him to fulfill through us. We can pray, prepare, act in faith, and expect God's response precisely because it is His work from start to finish. God's behind-the-scenes work is what will make things happen.

Questions to consider:

  • Do I really believe that God will fulfill His calling to me?
  • Am I willing to take risks if they are required? 
  • Am I prepared for action should the time come?
  • Am I striving to complete God's work in my own way or am I trusting God to do the work?

Listen to the complete sermon here.