Sermon Notes: Nehemiah -- Getting Your Bearings

We're starting a new blog series here called "Sermon Notes," where we share a few highlights from each week's sermon. This week, Kyle took us through the first chapter of Nehemiah, and we came away with several insights into how God can help to rebuild the parts of our lives that are broken.

How to Rebuild:

Remember that God is a rebuilder

Our God is in the business of repairing the broken, from the large-scale brokenness of our world to the crumbling pieces of our own hearts and lives. And we can see God at work repairing His people throughout the Bible, up to and including the time of Nehemiah, and extending into Christ's death, resurrection, and return.

Act out of love and concern

Nehemiah weeps, prays, and fasts over Israel's broken wall. Such a place of deep concern is the proper position from which to begin rebuilding. All too often we start with pride or anger instead of the compassion which should motivate us.

Seek God first in order to get our bearings

After great loss, we may feel disoriented. It is essential to get our bearings before we can move forward, and the best way to do that is to seek our sovereign, powerful, faithful Lord for His will and His way.

Take Responsibility

Instead of blaming others or trying to ignore the problem, we must take responsibility for the rebuilding.

Trust God and His promises

Nehemiah wasn't some sort of superhero of faith -- he was just a normal guy who responded to God's call. When God calls us, He also equips us with the tools to do what is needed; specifically, Christians are endowed by the Holy Spirit with motivation, gifting, and power.

Questions to Consider:

  1. How does the brokenness in our world affect us? Are we broken in response?
  2. Do we seek God first in times of need? Or do we tend to rush directly into action, seek the advice and opinions of others instead of God, try to escape or ignore the problem, or blame others?
  3. In what areas of our lives do we need to trust God's promises and power?

Listen to this and other sermons in the Nehemiah series here, and join us next Sunday for part 2 of Nehemiah.