What to put in that shoebox

It's time again for Operation Christmas Child -- that wonderful time of the year when we stuff shoeboxes full of great gifts for kids around the world who would not usually get to have Christmas gifts. Highland will be collecting boxes through November 20th, so we've collected some handy tips for how to fill those boxes:

Check out this list of 101 Operation Christmas Child gift ideas.

Here are a few Pinterest boards full of ideas.

Here are some box-packing instructions from Samaritan's Purse.

And here's a blog post from Katie Garrett, whose blog post, Unsolicited Advice About Shoeboxes inspired our list, below:

Operation Christmas Child Gift Ideas

This list was created by Katie Garrett, a missionary in Senegal since 2000. It provides great input for deciding what to purchase for your boxes. Blessings to you as you bless others!

  Best Gifts
    Mini soccer balls or deflated balls with a pump
    Brand new short-sleeved shirts (with no writing on them) for boys and girls
    Small flashlights with batteries
    Good quality melamine plates, bowls, and/or cups
    Soap AND a plastic soap dish that has a cover
    Toothbrushes AND a toothbrush cover
    Pencils, erasers, colored pencils, and sharpeners for all school-aged kids
    Quality pens for kids aged 10-14 (black, red, green, and blue)

  Great Gifts
    Jump ropes
    Band-Aids
    Hard candy and gum
    Combs
    Hair elastics or head bands for girls
    Marbles
    Harmonicas
    Simple watches for older kids
    Solar calculators for older kids
    Sunglasses for older kids
    Socks
    Baby dolls with light brown skin and no hair for the youngest girls
    Toy cars, trucks, or airplanes for the youngest boys (Matchbox-size cars don’t work well)

  Not So Good Gifts
    Anything with instructions in English
    Clothing items with words or pictures on them
    Any toy that is not universally recognizable (e.g., matching memory card games)
    Stuffed animals
    Yo-yos
    Play-dough
    Stickers or temporary tattoos
    Gloves and winter hats
    Anything cheap or fragile
    Used items

Happy Packing everyone! Remember to drop off your boxes at Highland by Friday, November 20th.