Final Triumph Through Jesus’ Blood - Revelation 5:1-14

When we think of books of the Bible that are good and helpful to study, the book of Revelation probably comes in next to last. (Leviticus is last.) We think of Revelation as a very confusing book that no one can really understand – especially because of the strange colored horses and beasts with talking horns. While Revelation uses a lot of confusing symbolic language and apocalyptic (end time) imagery, it is still a book that we should study. But that discussion is for another day.

What we are looking at today in Revelation is a section that describes worship around the throne of God. The scene opens with Father God sitting on the throne looking for someone worthy to open the book which describes what will happen in the end times. John, as he saw this vision, began to weep because no one worthy was found. But one of the elders who surround the throne told John that there was someone; the Lion (v. 5). We saw the other day that Jesus is described as the Lamb of God. He is also the Lion; fierce and mighty. He is worthy.

The next scene shows us that the Lamb (Jesus) was standing in the place of honor (the right hand is the place of honor) beside God the Father. Notice that He is described as a Lamb who had been slain (v. 6). The description of the seven horns and eyes are symbolic of His perfect (seven is the perfect number) power (horns symbolize power) and omniscience (He sees all). Jesus was the worthy one who had the power to open the book.

In verses 8-14 we see a glimpse of what worship is like in the presence of God. When Jesus took the book from God the Father, the creatures around the throne fell down in worship. Each held a harp to make music for worship and they also held the prayers of the believers which are pleasing incense to God. Then they sing. This song is beautiful. It describes what Jesus did when he died and was resurrected. He purchased us. By shedding His blood He brought redemption where it was desperately needed.

The singing does not stop with the four creatures. Soon the angels and the elders join their voices in song with the four creatures (v. 11). What a wondrous sound this must be! They sing another verse of praise (v. 12). Then even more join in the song. This time every created thing—humans, creatures, and nature—joins in the worship (v. 13). My mind cannot comprehend how joyous and amazing this will be. And the worship continues (v. 14).

Thoughts to Ponder
During this Easter season, as we dwell on the amazing redemption that Christ bought with His flesh and His blood, do not let this time of reflection stop with an increase of head knowledge. Do not let it stop with an entry in your journal. Take time to worship God. The worship we give here on earth is a shadow of the worship that will happen when we see God face to face. Worship the Father who sent the Son. Worship the Son, the Lamb, for purchasing our redemption. Worship the Spirit of God for being our Helper. Worship.

The more we know God the more we are compelled to worship Him in spirit and in truth.