Blood of the Lamb - 1 Peter 1:17-25

Throughout the New Testament the blood of Jesus is mentioned many times. This is more than a figure of speech, a symbolic way of saying that Jesus died on the cross. There is power in the shed blood of Jesus. By bleeding for our sins, by being the sacrifice, and rising again He provides our redemption (v. 19).

Pay close attention to how Jesus is described. Jesus is the spotless lamb. This references the Passover lamb, but also the lambs used in other sacrifices (e.g., sin offerings, Lev. 3). And Peter affirms that this sacrificial Lamb, Jesus, is God and He existed—was foreknown—before creation. He waited until the perfect time to come to earth for our sake. It is in this that we have faith and hope. Jesus Christ, the Messiah, is God. He existed before the world. Through his flesh and shedding of His blood He fulfills all the sacrifices of the Old Testament. God the Father raised God the Son, Jesus, from the dead and glorified Him (reestablished His rightful place on the throne). This is our God!

Thoughts to Ponder
Peter’s description of Jesus is given as the reason that we live our lives in reverence (v. 17). Knowing that our sins, our life, were paid for by God’s blood and not by some monetary exchange should motivate us to live in a manner worthy of God’s sacrifice. As you go through this day and this week, remember that your actions should always reflect the character of God; not because we are good, but because God sacrificed Himself to redeem us. We owe a great debt we can never repay.