Prophetic of Christ’s Death - Psalm 22

This psalm is an amazing song. It was written by David probably sometime at least 1000 years before Jesus came to earth. This song is wonderfully complex, yet also full of simple beauty.

When we think of prophecy we tend to think of direct prophecies such as Micah 5:2 which prophecies that the coming Messiah would be born in Bethlehem. The amazing thing about prophecy is that it is often more complex than that. There are prophecies which have two meanings. One meaning was intended for the original audience, but later God does something even bigger and better than the original meaning intended; at which point God points us back to the prophecy and says, “See how I did something great back then? Well I did something even bigger and better now that fulfills that prophecy again in a much more amazing way!” This psalm falls into that category.

David wrote this song about a very difficult situation that he was in. He used a lot of poetic language. What is really awesome about this song is that when we read it today, we see how David’s poetic description of his troubles foretold the sufferings of the Messiah which are even more important than the sufferings David went through.

Thoughts to Ponder
Read through this psalm twice. First read through it as though reading it with David’s eyes. Picture the agony he must have been going through. Then read it a second time, this time looking for the amazing ways this correlates with what Jesus experienced. The descriptions of the physical pain and agony that Jesus went through are very sobering.