In the Tomb - Mark 15:42-47 (Cf. Matthew 27:57-66)

On Friday night we watched Jesus die on the cross. Today, Saturday, Jesus remains in the tomb – dead. Hope was gone. The Messiah was gone.

After Jesus died they had to quickly put Him in a tomb. In accord with Jewish law, bodies of the dead had to be buried quickly. But even more importantly, touching a dead body made you unclean, and unable to participate in Sabbath celebrations.

They quickly placed Jesus in the tomb. The traditional preparation of the body would have to wait until after the Sabbath. So, on Friday evening they placed Jesus’ body in the tomb.

On Saturday they continued to grieve. Saturday was a dark day.

Thoughts to Ponder
We know that the darkness did not last. We know that everything changed forever on Sunday morning. But for today, remember the day of darkness. The darkness before the dawn.