Our Guide and One Who Convicts - John 16:5-15

A little bit later in Jesus’ final words He talks about the Holy Spirit again. While His disciples were quite sad that Jesus kept talking about leaving, He tells them that it is for their best. When He leaves He will send the Holy Spirit (vs. 5-7). Having Jesus with them was amazing. I can’t even imagine what it would have been like to see Jesus face-to-face. Yet, the best thing for the disciples (and for us) was for Jesus to finish His work on earth and leave. Instead of having the second person of the Trinity stand in front of you and talk to you; He would send the third person of the Trinity, the Holy Spirit, to indwell every believer. We need to remember how important and amazing it is that the Holy Spirit abides with each of us. It is an amazing blessing.

While the Holy Spirit did come into the world to be a Helper for Christians (v. 7), He also came to earth so that He could convict people of sin, of who God is, and of judgment (vs. 8-12). Jesus then returns to how the Holy Spirit helps Christians; He guides us in truth (v. 13). Then Jesus gives us a glimpse into how the three persons of the Trinity relate to each other (vs. 14-15).

Thoughts to Ponder
As we have focused this week on confession and purity we have focused on confession and purity in relation to ourselves. But, as we read today, the Holy Spirit was not given just to Christians – He was given to the world, though He does not indwell the world as He does Christians. Our pastors have exhorted us take up the challenge of “Choose Two” this Easter Season. As you pray for your two (or more) people, pray that the Holy Spirit will convict them and draw them to God. As you interact with your two (or more), remember we are not the ones who convict. Rather, pray that the Holy Spirit will help you as you interact with them and give you the words to say.