Our Helper - John 14:16-31

Next week we are going to use these devotionals to “walk” with Jesus through His final hours before His death. Today and tomorrow we are looking at a passage that Jesus spoke to His disciples during those last days. After Jesus instituted the Lord’s Supper He comforted His disciples and provided them some final encouragements (John chapters 14-17). While we are only looking at two sections of these chapters, I encourage you to find time to read through all four chapters.

As Jesus is prepared to leave earth and His disciples, He tells them not to worry because they will not be alone. Even though Jesus is leaving, He is sending the Holy Spirit to be with them. He calls the Holy Spirit their Helper (v. 16). The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Truth who abides within us (v. 17). The Holy Spirit helps us by teaching us and reminding us of what God has told us (v. 26).

As we have mentioned before in these devotionals, the indwelling of the spirit is new, it was not a way God related to people during the Old Testament. In instituting the New Covenant through His death and resurrection (Luke 22:20, Heb. 9:15), Jesus Christ also instituted a new relationship between God and mankind. We have a Helper.

As Christians not only have we confessed our sins, received salvation, and been reconciled to God; we also have a Helper. This is such a comfort! We all know that living the Christian life is not easy. In fact, if we live how God wants us to live it goes against much of society and we stick out like sore thumbs. Living this way is difficult, and it involves the process of learning and changing and growing. God does not just write our names down on the list of those saved and leave us to our own devices. No! He helps us now!

Thoughts to Ponder
Spend some time thanking God for sending us the Holy Spirit to be our Helper.