Powerful Proverbs - Proverbs 16:18-19; 18:12; 29:23

Proverbs are short statements about general truths. They are not meant to be promises, but rather helpful short sayings that guide us in how to live life wisely. For today’s reading we have several short proverbs about humility. These short statements pack a powerful punch. For that reason, there is little need to expand on them. Instead, read over them several times slowly and think about how these words of wisdom can and should impact how we live. As you read through these proverbs, keep in mind what we have learned earlier in the week about humility and humbleness in relation to Christ and ourselves.

Thoughts to Ponder
Do you value your pride over living a humble life? When you are tempted to act out of pride, remember that such actions can lead to your destruction – both physically and spiritually. But if we choose to act in humbleness we will be honored. Oh, we may not receive honor today, or even tomorrow, but God will honor us and his honor is worth more than any earthly honor.