Light vs. Dark - 1 John 1:5-10

The imagery presented in 1 John of God being light – the antithesis of darkness – paints a very clear picture of God vs. evil/sin (v. 5). Light and dark cannot coexist. Light shines into all the crevices and brings to light that which we would prefer stay hidden.

John’s words here are very cutting. If we say that we are Christians then we cannot continue to walk in the darkness (vs. 6-7). We are children of the Light. But what does this mean? This does not mean that anytime we sin we are booted out of God’s kingdom. No, everyone still struggles with sin; we are in the process of being made into the image of Christ. This is a process, not instantaneous (Phil. 2:13, 1 John 3:2-3). John is saying that those who claim to be Christians but continually or consistently live a life that is contrary to God are living a lie. The two are incompatible. Rather, Christians are to strive to live in a God-honoring way. (This idea of “continually” or “consistently” comes from the type of Greek verb used.)

In addition, if we claim that we do not sin we are only fooling ourselves and calling God a liar (vs. 8, 10). Folks, we need to be honest with ourselves and with others. If we try to present ourselves as though we have it all figured out we are lying. Amidst this urge for honesty, John provides comfort (v. 9). God does not leave us in the dark. No! Rather, our God is faithful. Our God is righteous. Our God forgives us and purifies us.

Thoughts to Ponder
Spend some time praising God for who He is. He is incompatible with darkness. Darkness flees from His presence!

We all still struggle with sin. None of us are perfect. The Holy Spirit and the Church community are two ways that God helps us become more like Him. The Holy Spirit dwells within us and convicts us of the darkness that still lurks in our life. (We will discuss this more later this week). The Church community is also vital in helping us become more like Christ. We are to help each other out – always motivated by love – to become more like Christ (1 Thess. 5.14, Rom. 15.14). Are you actively listening to the Holy Spirit and your Church community? Are you open to hearing what you need to change? Are you open to the help that comes from both sources?