The Law was Merely a Shadow - Hebrews 10:1-10

For today and the next two days we are looking at a chapter in Hebrews that is rich in details about Christ’s sacrifice. The book of Hebrews is the clearest New Testament book which explains how the Old Testament ties into Jesus and His New Covenant.

First, chapter 10 begins by explaining the purpose of Old Testament law. It was only a shadow. The law was not what brought salvation; instead, it points to the One who would bring salvation (v. 1). The sacrifices were never able to take away anyone’s sin (v. 4). That the sacrifices were offered day after day, and year after year, was a reminder that their sin was still there (vs. 2-3).

God did not desire the sacrifices as a means of purifying the people from sin (vs. 5-8). Jesus’ coming to earth, death, and resurrection was not God’s plan B in case the sacrifices did not work. Not at all! Everything in the Old Testament, including all the sacrifices and laws were given as a neon flashing sign pointing to the need for a Messiah (the “Anointed One”). They were a shadow. A shadow cannot exist on its own, and has no purpose of its own.

When Jesus came and died and was resurrected He took away the shadow. The shadow was no longer needed. Jesus’ sacrifice put an end to sacrifices. His sacrifice satisfied the penalty for sin that we owe. With His death all the shadowy things were finished.

Thoughts to Ponder
Take some time to think about the magnitude of God’s plan. Even before creation God had this plan. The entire Old Testament points to the need for the Messiah, for Jesus Christ.

Spend some time thanking God for His amazing plan and that we have the joy of living after the cross and that we are able to see more pieces of God’s plan.