Humble Yourselves - 1 Peter 5:1-7

In this chapter Peter provides some instructions for the Church. He begins by reminding the church of their unity. All of them, despite any differences, are one body. Then, he provides some specific instructions to the elders (the leaders of the church, not the older members of the church). The leaders in that specific role of “elder” are to take their jobs very seriously. They have a difficult job that they are to take seriously and humbly (vs. 2-4).

The other members of the church are to follow the guidance of the elders. Now, at Highland, we do not have leaders we call “elders.” But when you study the role of elder, the leaders at our church who fit that description are Grant and Kyle. They have a difficult job and we are to follow them. Pay close attention to the last part of verse 5. Humility. The elders are to lead with humility and the rest of the church is to follow with humility.

We are called to be humble, not just to our spiritual leaders, but also to one another. This means we should not think of ourselves as better than others who sit near us in the sanctuary. We are to love them in such a way that even when we disagree, we do so wanting the best for the other person – not desiring to elevate ourselves.

Thoughts to Ponder
I am thankful that Grant and Kyle strive hard to personify humbleness as they lead us. Let us also strive hard to follow them in humility. Let us follow the example that God Himself set for us. If He can submit himself to crucifixion, we should be able to humbly follow the spiritual leaders God has established.

“Clothing ourselves in humility towards one another” means that we need to be humble towards everyone else in our church. If/when disagreements arise we need to disagree in a loving manner. In our normal conversations we need to be conscious of how we position ourselves. Let us always seek to serve and not elevate ourselves.