Servant Song #2 - Isaiah 49:1-6

Vindication! These past few days we have read the servant songs of Isaiah that depict the Messiah as a humble servant. Here, Isaiah brings another hope. While He was humiliated for a time, that time had a purpose (vs. 5-6).

Jesus Christ, the promised Messiah, came humbly for a purpose. That purpose was not merely to show us how to live – but to fulfill the plan of redemption that was set in motion before the world was even created! The plan did not stop at the death and resurrection of Christ - though those events are central to providing the redemption. Reread verses 5-6. The purpose of His coming was to restore His chosen people to Himself (Israel, the Jewish people); but also to offer redemption to “the remote regions of the earth.” Folks, this is us. Even when God chose Israel as His chosen people, He desired them to be a beacon to the surrounding nations. When Jesus came, this began again in a new way.

Thoughts to Ponder
When Isaiah talked about the coming suffering servant, you—and all of us—were included in the promise. Jesus was made a light to the nations. We are part of the nations. Living in a nation, and land, that is very distant from anything Isaiah could imagine. Over 2,700 years ago, we were promised a Light. During this season we celebrate the death and resurrection of that Light.

Let us also remember that as children of God, we are to be little lights who point to Jesus. While we are part of the nations Isaiah talked about, let us never forget that the nations are all around us. The nations that need to hear the gospel are next to us in line at the grocery store, they sit in the cubicle next to us at work, they are sitting on the other bench watching their children on the playground. As we prepare for Easter, let us remember that while He came for us, He also came for the rest of the nations. Please ask God to show you how you can share Him with the rest of the nations.