Servant Song #4 - Isaiah 53:1-11

Again, as with the previous Isaiah passages, remember that Isaiah penned these words around 700 years before Jesus Christ was born! God revealed much to Isaiah about the coming King, the suffering servant. While the Messiah did not come during Isaiah’s time, this prophecy brought hope to Him and those who heard his message.

The prophecy in Isaiah 53 would have also been confusing to those in Isaiah’s time. The Coming One was expected to be a mighty king who would unite the kingdom and subdue all enemies. Here, though, the king is again described in very humiliating circumstances. He did not look like a king (v. 2). He was not accepted or recognized as king (v. 3). He was thought to be punished by God (v. 4b). He took abuse quietly and did not retaliate (v. 7). He suffered from an unjust legal system (v. 8). None of these are expected of a king. A king should command respect wherever he goes.

This humiliation was a part of God’s plan. Jesus, the Son of God, came to carry away our pain (v. 4a). While kings during that time were charged with protecting the weak and injured, Jesus went way beyond simply protecting and looking out for us. The Mighty King took the punishment himself. In Isaiah’s time (and even today) a king would not go to such lengths for his subjects. Jesus is a king like no other. By suffering on our behalf, this suffering servant, this king, brought healing (vs.10-11). The healing He brings is not just physical healing but spiritual healing.

Thoughts to Ponder
None of us likes to do this, but please take a moment and think about the sin in your life. We all have sinned and we prefer to forget it. Every single sin you can remember, and even those you can’t remember are gone. Those who have faith and have received salvation have had our sin taken away (Ps. 103:12). What we could never accomplish on our own has been done for us by our King, our God! Rejoice!

When sharing the gospel with people, we tend to focus on forgiveness; and forgiveness is a great thing! But let us also remember that not only does God forgive us, but He brings healing. He does not take away our sin and leave us weak and wounded from the effects of sin. No! He continues to work in us, to restore us. We all need healing for different things, and God stands beside us and helps us to stand, and walks with us as we heal.