Servant Song #3 - Isaiah 50:4-9

After reading this song, do you see parallels with the final hours before Christ’s crucifixion? We are going to work through those final hours in an upcoming week, but if you want to refresh your memory now, read Mark chapter 15.

Isaiah writes this passage as though the King Himself says these words. To Isaiah’s audience, this description of the promised king went against the norm. A king should stand tall and command respect. Instead, here, the coming King—the servant—chooses to remain humble (vs. 5-7). His adversaries take advantage of this and humiliate him. They strike his back. They pull out his beard (aside from being painful, it was greatly humiliating for a Jewish man to not have a full beard). They spit on him, and He does not hide from it. Humiliations galore.

Jesus Christ, who is fully God and fully human, chose humility. He could have demanded worship. Instead He chose to submit Himself to the plans of God the Father. Jesus came to earth as one of us – human. He suffered to bring full restoration. But Christ’s humiliation did not last – it was temporary, part of God’s plan. Jesus Christ was able to remain humble because He knew He had nothing to be ashamed of. Read verses 7 to 9 again. Vindication was promised. The enemies of Christ would not last.

Thoughts to Ponder
Remember, Isaiah penned these words around 700 years before Jesus Christ was born. Take some time to dwell on this. Long before Jesus was born God was preparing his people. How amazing is our God that He had a plan for redemption and restoration set in place!

Spend some time focusing on the person of Jesus. The humiliation He endured was very great; especially when you remember that it was God Himself who was brutally whipped and mocked. God had his beard pulled out. God was spit upon by those He created. God came as one of us. And He was abused and humiliated by us…and for us. God who created all, was stricken by His own creation, so that He could redeem His creation.

What an amazing God we serve!