How We Love Each Other - 1 Corinthians 13:1-13

The love chapter. It is a fair bet that you have heard this passage (though, not the first three verses) read in a wedding. The description of love fits the type of love that should be present in marriage; a love that requires hard work, which seeks the best of the other.

You may be surprised to learn that this chapter was not written concerning marriage. No, this passage was written by Paul to describe how Christians should love one another. The preceding chapter (ch. 12) explains the body of Christ, which includes a discussion of spiritual gifts (12:28-31). Spiritual gifts are given to individuals, but they are given for the body of Christ. Here, Paul chides Christians for acting selfishly (13:1-3) and not in love. They were using their gifts for their own advantage. To make sure the Corinthian church understood how they were to interact with other Christians and use their spiritual gifts He describes love. This love discussed in chapter 13 is what should guide our interactions with other Christians, and our use of spiritual gifts.

Thoughts to Ponder
While this love fits the context of marriage – it also fits our daily interactions with other children of God. Take some time to read through this description of love and evaluate whether these fit your interactions with other Christians. What are some areas where you need to work on loving others the way it is described in this passage?

Let us pray and strive to love perfectly.