Responding to Amazing Love Part 1 – Loving God - Deuteronomy 6:4-9

From long centuries past up to this very day, Jewish men recite this passage daily. They call it the “Shema,” based on the first Hebrew word in the passage (Shema = Hear/Listen). These five verses are thematically central to the entire Old Testament – and the entire Bible.

As Moses instructed God’s chosen people he commands them to know, to remember, that God is God alone. Another way to translate this is “God is unique!” Israel had just left Egypt where they were surrounded by false gods – gods they were tempted to worship, and they were headed to another land that worshiped still other false gods. Moses reminds them that Yahweh God – the God of the Bible – is way above and beyond anything else or anyone else that we may be tempted to worship.

Then, once reminded of God’s uniqueness, they are urged to love God. They aren’t told to offer sacrifices, or do certain rituals – they are told to love Him. That is central. That is what God wants. (Rituals and sacrifices were meant to be products of love and obedience. See Hosea 6:6.) This love comes from one’s heart, soul, and might. In other words – every bit of our being, everything that makes us – us, should love God. Not just on Sundays, not just on good days, not just in word or in deed; but with every bit of our being.

Thoughts to Ponder
We are called to love God with every bit of our being. This loving does not come easily to us. Even today, with the Holy Spirit living within Christians, we struggle to do this. Sometimes it seems easy to love God, and at other times we find it quite difficult. It is a process of growth; but remember, we aren’t left to figure this out on our own. Through the gift of the Holy Spirit we have a helper. Rely on God to help you love Him.

God’s love for us should compel us to love Him this way. His love is amazing, and our response to His love should reflect His love for us.