How to Love God - John 14:18-31

As Jesus prepared for his death and resurrection, He also knew His disciples needed to be prepared. In John chapters 14-17, Jesus provides much encouragement and guidance intended for His disciples and for us. In our passage today we see several important things. We see all three members of the Trinity (God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit) and a little bit about how they relate to each other. The last verse (v. 31) is very interesting. Jesus states that He loves the Father, and because He loves the Father he has followed the Father’s commandments. Think about that – even God (the Son) shows love through obedience. If God shows love that way, how much more should we – who are not God – show love through obedience?

Love is mentioned several times in this passage. First, the disciples, and us, are told that if we love God the result of that love will be that we follow His commandments (vs. 21a, 23). Second, if we love Jesus, the Father and the Son will love us (vs. 21b). And, third, we are not left on our own to figure out how to do this. He gives us a Helper – the Holy Spirit – to abide/live with us and help us (v. 26). How great is our God that He not only loves us and desires us to love Him, but that he provides us with the Help we need to do so?

Thoughts to Ponder
Love is not static. Love is not a state of being. Love is an action. Do your actions toward God and His commandments demonstrate that you love Him?