Our executive pastor, Kyle Carper, just finished leading our Sunday School classes through a joint three-week series on worship. I really enjoyed it, and I thought I would share some of the big "takeaways" I got out of the series.

-- Worship is for God, not us. It was a good reminder that, while there are certainly blessings for me as a worshiper, the act of worship is about giving God what He wants in the manner He has revealed He wants it.

-- Our worship on Sunday mornings is a community event. In other words, it's not about you and God, but about all of us and God on Sunday mornings. Because of that, our unity, love, and service toward one another truly affect our worship!

-- True Christian worship is about the heart, not simply our actions. While that doesn't mean that "anything goes" in Christian worship (God has revealed some things He clearly wants us doing ... and some things He clearly doesn't!), it does mean that even the right actions are not pleasing to God without the right hearts behind them.

-- Worship is a lifestyle. We are worshiping all the time, not just during those times we traditionally think of as worship. In fact, if our lives outside of church gatherings aren't honoring God, how can we expect our worship services to honor Him?

What do you think?