There’s an old joke I know that goes like this: a man dies and goes to Heaven.  When he gets to the front gates, he asks the angel there for a very strange request.

“Could I bring up a few things from my life on earth?” he asks the angel.

“Well, that’s rather unusual,” replies the angel.  “I don’t know if I can approve that.”

“Please,” begs the man.  “Just one suitcase worth of stuff! That’s all I’m asking! Okay?”

“Well, okay,” says the angel.

The man goes back to his house, then returns with a rather large suitcase.  It’s obvious that the suitcase is very, very heavy.  When the angel opens the suitcase to inspect what the man brought, he sees that the suitcase is filled with gold.

The angel looks at the gold-filled suitcase, looks at the streets of the heavenly city behind him, then looks back at the man with a puzzled expression on his face:

“You brought pavement?”

The joke is funny, of course, because it reminds us that what we value here on earth is not always what will be valued in eternity.  What the man thought was the most precious thing in his life, in reality was worth nothing more than cement would be!

It’s important to remember that what our culture, our friends, or even our sinful desires teach us to value is not always the same sort of things that are valued in the Kingdom.  If we invest in these things, what will be left to us when the eternal Kingdom comes?

Let’s stop treasuring pavement and start pursuing true treasure!