Do you remember how Jesus summed up the Law and the Prophets? He said to love God with all our hearts, minds, souls, and strength, and to love our neighbors as ourselves.  I used to wonder how loving God with my heart looked different than how I loved him with my mind.  And how exactly does a soul love? And how do you love really strongly?  I don't have much upper body strength with which to love, after all.  But now I understand that what Jesus is really getting at is this: love God with all that you are.  Every single part of you ought to be devoted to God.

One of the practical implications of this is that Christianity is about the heart AND the head, if you will.  It is about devotion AND study, living rightly AND believing rightly.  Too many times I see people -- even well-intentioned people -- emphasizing one at the expense of the other.  In the end, neither serious study which minimizes the need for obedience, nor serious devotion which minimizes the need for understanding hits what Jesus is aiming at here.

To be clear, though, Jesus calls us to love God with all OUR hearts, minds, soul, and strength -- not anyone else's.  What do I mean? I mean that total devotion to God means devoting to Him the abilities and capacities that He has given us, whatever the result might look like.  To some God has granted great intellect, to some He has granted great faith, to others great compassion and empathy ... you get the idea.  In other words, total devotion in me might look quite different than in you as we devote to God the persons He has made us to be.

I think there are ways in which we find following God easier than others, and I think there are aspects of who we are that we find surrendering and devoting to God easier to do.  And I think what is easier and what is more difficult will differ between people.  However, let us, through the Spirit's strength, devote ourselves to the One who made us, not disparaging or neglecting any part of who we are as we present ourselves as living sacrifices in lives of worship to our God!