Starting in the first century, a strange new religious group started sprouting up in the Roman empire. If the rumors flying around were to be believed, this was a strange and frightening group, indeed! They were rumored to be atheists and cannibals, who centered their weekly gatherings around incestuous orgies! Who was this group?

The first Christians! Because Christians worshipped only one God, they were considered atheists by many (which obviously had a slightly different meaning back then!) The cannibal rumors came about as a result of Christians talking about consuming Christ’s body and blood in the act of taking the Lord’s Supper. Finally, Christians calling each other “brother” and “sister” and getting together for “love feasts” led to all sorts of misunderstandings.

My point is that from the very beginning, Christians have had practices and beliefs that haven’t always made much sense to those not familiar with the faith (or sometimes even to those who considered themselves to be part of the faith!). One of several things I hope “As in a Mirror” can accomplish is to provide a place where rumors, questions, and misunderstandings about what Christians believe and do can be talked about in an open and honest way.

So, if you have questions about Christian practices and beliefs (whether you self-identify as a Christian or not), shoot off an email! I’ll do my best to explain these beliefs and practices in a general sense, as well as give you a sense of how we practice these things within the Highland community, in particular.

Sometimes the most important question you can ask is simply, “Why?” Feel free to send some “whys” our way!